They followed me for weeks. This is real. 

They hid in the corners of my eyes. I told everyone. Your monsters are not real, they said. This is real. 

Suffocation. Isolation. Tired, alone, crazy. 

They cull us. 

You know it too, don’t you?


78 Hour Rain is a survival-horror game set in a procedurally generated house.  Stand your ground against three faceless intruders by setting beartraps and barricading doorways. 

Survive for three days and prove yourself worthy, or become another forgotten story of The House.

And stay out of the darkness. They can feel it.

Developer's Note: 

This game is definitely not easy. It is not just a 'walking simulator' like some other horror games, and it requires a great deal of skill and strategy. If you're able to survive all 78 Hours, please leave me a comment and let me know! 

Happy Halloween 2020!


WASD - Move

Mouse - Look

Shift - Run

Right-Click - Take/Interact

Left-Click - Swing Axe / Throw

F - Flashlight

Hold E - Wind Trap

Hold Q - Wind Timer

Hold R - Build/Barricade

Hold TAB - Check Inventory

P - Pause

J - Journal

~Copyright Colin Page 2020~

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded folder and run the executable inside.


Download 52 MB


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I can't play it because this game browser doesn't support WebGL I need help, please or somebody that made this game please help me i can't even play the games anymore I going to have to find a new browser but I can find any I really need help :(

Hey there! I'm sorry you're having trouble playing the game.

What browser are you using to play? I've tested this game with Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, so I can't guarantee whether WebGL will work with other browsers.

But I encourage you to download the standalone version! Just click the red "Download" button, unzip the file, and run the EXE file inside. That version of the game runs smoother than the WebGL version anyways.

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nevermind again let me play web games for a split second and I don't know why? somebody's going to have to fix this for other users like me. are I will be dead spartin like this guy on the pic I don't want to be playing other WACK games on another website   

super hard and super spoke

Took me like 6 tries but I finally managed to pull it off.

Great game!

i knew it would be creepy but the baby man almost gave me a heart attack

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this game is perfect, his mechanics are very good, I closed this game 3 times, and it wasn’t easy, it’s very difficult, the sounds really give an atmosphere of fear, this game has a future.

Awesome game! I love when horror games provide the player with some sort of defense. The traps, timers, and barricades really added to the experience and made it so much fun. Not to mention the great use of procedural generation and sweet pixel graphics. The atmosphere and sounds made it so damn creepy. I loved how you could hear them and know exactly where they were. I am surprised I was actually able to complete it, not an easy game by any means. All around really enjoyable, good job!

It's so cool to hear that you were able to complete it, you're only the third person I know of who's done it!

I'm glad you liked it, thanks for playing ;)

Great sound desing!)) 

I also liked feature with jurnal 

Great job)

This game is really creepy!! I LOVE IT!! It is a very hard game to beat but It's pretty cool. I love all the things you can explore and do to save yourself from... whatever that thing is! The graphics are really cool, I have never played a pixel retro graphic 3D game before, so this is really cool. The game itself was a little bit laggy for me, but I think that was the Chromebook I am using.

A pretty scary game, I love the atmosphere, this constant raining outside gives the game a certain character.
The retro-style graphics are also nice, and the sounds are also perfect.
I also love the idea, that the player can do something against the dangers, a lot of horror games these days just don't give you that option.

damn challenging not a piece of cake :P

what are the use of bell and traps ?

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Hey, thanks so much for taking a video! It helps me out a lot.

Traps can be wound up in your hand by holding 'E' and thrown by left-clicking, which will immobilize a monster for a few seconds (or yourself, like what happened at 7:58 in your video haha).

Alarm clocks can be wound with 'Q' and thrown with left-click. All nearby monsters will chase the loud ringing sound instead of you for a few moments, which gives you a chance to run away and hide.

for me its imposible :(

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It is a very challenging game for everyone, and I'm sorry to hear you had trouble with it too. If the game seems too difficult, you should make sure that you're making good use of the beartraps, timers, and boards. It's very tricky to win without using all the different mechanics, so if you have any questions about them, I'd be happy to give some tips!

in this game can saw human faces :)

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This game was amazingly awesome, You have giant faceless creatures walking down the hallways, I kept accidently walking into traps in dark hallways, A huge speed run attempt to find an Axe before the game starts, and of course flashlights everywhere... I had absolutely no clue what the clocks did because I was too lazy to read the instructions of course... BUT OVERALL, I really enjoyed the  expierience you have made and given to us... I really loved the game... Very cuul work signol_games

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The clocks are definitely a tricky item to get used to, but once you figure them out, they're invaluable for getting out of tight situations because they can drag the monsters' attention somewhere else. There's a clip of me using a clock in the YouTube trailer at 0:32 if you want a bit of a hint ;)

so cool.... i have strategy but loser ahahahah

Wow it's so cool watching you play, thanks for checking it out :)

sad strategy fail :D ahahah close room ahahahah

The Game is truly fantastic, I have not seen the gameplay as such for a long time, with all the necessary tools and survival elements. Unfortunately, for me, I hope, because of my laptop memory card, the game crashed several times when I started using flashlight. But, that's nothing. Overall, amazing game and good luck on the next project :)).

I'm glad you liked it!

I'm sorry you had some issues with crashing. I'm still somewhat inexperienced with Unity and I'm trying to figure out how to best optimize everything, so I'll do my best to look into the flashlight (not literally of course, I don't want to go blind).

Got me with that joke :D...Good Work, keep making more games pleasee :)