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I love the little soundtrack at the end, when can we expect the OST to arrive? ;)

is there a way to change the graphics?


This is such a great game! I love the mechanic! They aren't too difficult, and the game is very fair.

bro this game is so amazing 

After many tries, I finally reach the end. Incredible game, immervise and challenging. One of the best horror games that I've played here.


Wow, congrats! It's awesome to hear that you survived the storm and got the Pale Ones to spare you.
It's an honor they rarely grant.

This game is so good but the book always contains an empty page, is there a secret object or something else?

really dope game, and also pretty scary lol

eu posso perde a conta assim?

is good game im scared

Great game, really hard on trackpad though

oh man, i bet

very hard on trackpad, you have to hold alt to right click which causes all sorts of problems

how do i fucking play this game ?

did you look at the controls section or read the description at all? .......

well there you go


holy shit what an amazing game, terrified me completely, 10/10  couldn't get to the end tho


This is the scariest indie game ive played on this channel 78 HOUR RAIN (part 1) - YouTube


The look of this looks interesting Im gonna make a series called AttackColaGaming Series Im gonna play any games from co op multiplayer to single player this is one game ill play on my series

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how come it finds you so fast how can we hide from it is there a way?

The Pale Ones can sense you in complete darkness. Make sure you always have your flashlight on at night and they'll have more trouble finding you.

Also, it's important to use beartraps and timers with E and Q respectively. Hold the corresponding key down and left-click to throw it when ready.

I hope that helps!

fun game!

Game is really fun and I keep come back! I just wish there could be an extra survival mode and co-op. Still great game!


Wow, these are cool ideas! When I first had the idea for this game, I thought it would be co-op. I ended up taking a different direction, but I certainly want to try making co-op/multiplayer games in the future.

A survival mode is also an interesting idea. I thought that since the game was so hard, few people would survive 78 hours anyways, so it was practically survival mode, haha! But now that people have beaten it, an endless mode would be cool.

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Hey, I’ve been playing this game for a while and made it to 3 days twice already, very challenging and yet very scary. Keep up the good work I’m looking forward for any more updates! :>


I Survived 78 hours Just FYI

Cool! It's good to hear that it is doable, lol

do you mind if you fallow me? if not its fine ive never been fallowed by a good game creator

how do i use traps?

To use a trap after you've picked it up, hold 'E' to unwind it in your hand. After the meter is full and you hear a click sound, press Left Click to throw it in front of you. You have to keep holding E while you press Left Click.

I hope that helps!

the short playthrough I did of this was frustrating because of the over sensitive controls. I would press forward and shoot off like a rocket making really hard to aim properly for doorways and getting around the game map.


Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. Yeah, the movement is pretty slidey in this game, and it can be disorienting. Maybe I'll tone it down in a future update.

Thanks for checking the game out, anyways!


Hey thanks for allowing us the privilege of playing your creation.

yo loved your game bro 


i was playing this at school and the teacher glared at me so hard when I screamed cause I was being chased by like 4 yellow monsters lol

great game dude 10/10 would recomend

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Really impressive! I find with most horror games, I only ever do one playthrough. Maybe two. But with this, I was playing for over an hour and having a blast! It was also funny seeing how terrifying those yellow monsters can be, even though they look very simple upfront.

Excellent job! I will definitely be coming back to try and beat the game.

Also, quick question. It says this game was made with Unity, which is the same engine I use for my games. How did you achieve the "pixelation" effect when looking at far-away objects? I see many horror games doing this, but I don't know what it's called or how to do it. It looks really cool though!


    Thank you so much for playing! I’m glad the monsters are still a little scary even though they look like big dorky babies, haha.

    Also, this is an excellent question. I wish I could tell you that there’s an easy way to set up 3d camera pixelation in Unity. Unfortunately, I haven’t found it yet. I can tell you how I did it though, if you want to know how the sausage gets made.

    Here’s what my scene looks like:   The player’s camera, rather than being drawn directly to the screen, is instead output as a render texture. Far beneath the ground, this render texture is put on a world canvas. In front of the canvas, I have all the UI elements like the battery graphic and action icons.

    Then, I have an orthographic camera pointed at this “pixel canvas” group. This camera renders to another render texture. This second render texture's resolution is 320x180p, so essentially, all the details of the player’s vision are compressed into a tiny pixelated image.

    Here's the settings of this second, smaller render texture:

    Finally, I draw this smaller render texture to the screen with:

void OnGUI()
    GUI.depth = 20;
    GUI.DrawTexture(new Rect(0, 0, Screen.width, Screen.height), renderTexture);

  This setup works for me, since all canvas elements are affected by the pixelation effect. I just have to make sure all canvas elements move by integer increments.

    Yes, I know this is all ridiculously complicated. I have a camera outputting to a render texture that is being outputted to a render texture. If you ever figure out a better way to do this, please come back and tell me! Making a pixelation effect on its own is simple enough with a post processing shader, but it’s a huge headache to get UI elements working as well. I hope this kind of answers your question.

    Also, I really like the style of your Creator Page! I totally didn’t know you can set a custom cursor or have game thumbnails wiggle when hovering over them. I’ll have to look into how to do that!

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WOW! Thank you so much for the in-depth reply! This helps me a lot! 

Excited to see what I can make with this. ^-^

Also, thanks! The custom mouse and shaking effect was all done through CSS. If you want to replicate this on your own creator page,  you should start here.

If it helps, here's the code I used on my own creator page. Good luck! (:

    cursor: url(, auto; 
a{    cursor: url(, auto; 
.game_cell:hover{    animation: spin 0.1s ease-in-out alternate infinite; 
@keyframes spin{    
        transform: translate(0, 0px);       
        transform: rotate(-1.4deg);    }    
            transform: translate(0, 5px);       
            transform: rotate(1.4deg);} 

this is really hard to play because the fram cap is always 10 fps idk if thats just my pc but can u fix that if its nt just my pc

I'm sorry to hear that. I tried my best to optimize this game for performance, but I can't guarantee that it runs smoothly on all devices.

If you haven't already, make sure you try the downloadable version instead of the WebGL version since it runs more smoothly. Thanks for checking the game out, anyway!

ok so i figured out that my pc cant run 3d games as well as 2d games so its ok its just my pc no matter how much you optimize it it will not work so i just need a newer pc

Im a wee bit confused. How do I play? I try to enter the building but it gets too dark. If i'm outside the monster is too fast. How do I do it?

The key is that you need to find and use the flashlights scattered around the house. Right-click these and you will see your battery meter go up in the top-right. You need to turn on your flashlight at nighttime with 'F' so that you can see, run, and hide.

If you run out of battery during the night, the monsters will be alerted to your position. So don't let that happen!

im to scared to even move :(

well you better move theres a monster outside that chases you after a while lol 


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dud this comment was 43 days ago XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ima try again

um hey wanna play skillwarz? the game link i sent you 

hey i wanna tell you my new name will be Ruv or Ruv 2.0

hey dude

hi im new to this gamer is spoopy  i like spoopy games nice work this game is amazing


Thanks! And welcome to :)

thank you


Wooaah congratulations!! That's no easy task haha

he hit me then the night ended omg i shat my pants honestly

OMG i love this game but i is so slow

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i was laughing at the monsters face then he attacked me and i screamed...............on stream

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dang you were so close!

giving me granny vides

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Glad you like it!

And good luck, I believe in you!

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Personally I loved the game, I love the way it's designed and it took me a while to get to Day 3 but I mean it takes a while if you don't have the Timer and the bear trap.


Damn, I got scared on Day 2. You really weren't lying in the desc..

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