Connect thoughts to stumble your way through a romantic dinner!


A and D - Move

Space- Jump

Left Click- Interact / Pick up / Plug in

Mouse - Aim

Right Click- Throw

Left Shift- Pull on wire

This game was made in one week for the College Game Jam 2021.

Programming: Colin Page and Quinn Williams

Art: Brigitte Lubker and Ethan Whiting

Level Design: Tommy Ludin


Download 33 MB


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Very interesting how you made a dating game a 2D platformer!

Overall the user interface was pretty clear and the tutorial was easy to follow along. The swinging mechanic felt pretty good and I like the prompts that were randomly blurted out on mistake lol 

What caught me a bit off guard initially was the first scene, I wasn't familiar with the mechanics, so it took a bit to figure out what it was. It's a nice detail for keeping the scenes consistent, but personally I'd keep the game mechanic away from the main menu to not confuse first-timers.

Pretty cool!


This game was a really interesting take on dating! The way the dialogue was tied into the actions you chose inside the brain (?) was really unique, in my opinion. 

One thing in particular I absolutely loved was the way the controls felt! The swinging was really fun to work around, though it may have been a little confusing at first. The sound and art tie in together really well to create an immersive experience.

I will admit, though, I found myself unable to figure out what actions would result from each connection. Perhaps some more info on what the icons would do will help!