You've got a new friend living in your backpack. He's a demon.

He'll let you live for now, so long as you bring him lots of delicious weapons.

In four days, he'll grow into his true form and try to obliterate you. You'd better stock up on weapons and hit him with everything you've got.

Overstuffed is a rogue-like adventure game about managing a constantly-changing hotbar of weapon cards. There are eight different types of weapons to find, and four possible elemental variants of each. Every night, the backpack demon pulls you into a literal pocket dimension and turns all the weapons you've collected against you.

Just make sure you bring him enough. He doesn't mess around when he's hungry.



A,S,D - Use weapon

P - Pause

ESC - Quit to menu

This game was made for #LOWREZJAM2020 over 14 days.

Install instructions

To play, unzip the downloaded file and run the executable inside.


Download 18 MB


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Did Anyone Beat The Game With Like, 1 Or Less Kills?

Doing a No Weapons run (“Monk Run”?) would be super hard. You'd have to deal with a lot of Starved during the backpack levels. Theoretically, though, it’s possible. Let me know if you manage to do it.
Honestly, if you beat the game at all, I’ll be impressed

Well I Almost Did It But Then I Was Caught Off Gaurd And Died.. Well I'm Never Trying A No Weapons Run Again

nice old style game ;)

This game is really fun! I like the progression of the game, and the different elements effects.

Pretty interesting idea for the weapon mechanic. Kept me from just bashing the weapons I knew and forced me to pay attention to which weapons I had available. Fun game, I'll be coming back to this one.

Thanks for submitting, I wish more games had real time card related mechanics. Also, this this is one of the only text based tutorials I recall actually enjoying.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked the tutorial, I wrote it before I had made anything else. I started with the dialogue and the backpack character, and then made the game from there.

Yeah, it pretty refreshing to see this type of character implemented. Keep up the good work!