Strap on your rocket boots and think fast, because this might be the most stressful action-platformer you've ever had the misfortune of playing. 

    The Desert Minaret is coming down fast and hard, so fling yourself up the endless spire as you collect rocket charges and fight off ancient robot-guardians. Careful, though! The more you struggle on, the faster the building sinks into the gaping sand pit below...


WASD - Move

MOUSE - Look around / Aim

SPACE - Rocket jump


RIGHT CLICK - Throwing blade

LEFT SHIFT - Grappling hook

---Rocket (Jump) Charges-----------

    Each jump/action consumes a Rocket Charge. These can be obtained from floating cubes, and come in four colors:

BLUE - These can be recharged by landing on a platform or breaking any pickup.

RED - These can be used only once before being destroyed.

YELLOW - These allow you to hold extra blue charges until the combo is broken.

ORANGE - These have three uses and need 5 seconds to cool down.


* Colorblind accessibility can be toggled from the Main Menu *

~Created by Colin Page 2019~

Development log


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I enjoyed it, it's very challenging and the art style is great.


XD This is so hard, it's almost impossible to play! 

Overall, it's a fun and exciting experience, though. It's a simple kind of game. And endless jumping game is pretty normal now. But the fact that you have to aim and be precise with hits (plus use tools that I apparently cannot find yet) makes the experience similar to the feeling of playing a shooting game. One that's nearly impossible, simply because of positioning in reflex time.

This game demands to be played with max mouse sensitivity. Playing at default is suicide.